Microsoft SQL Server Management Pack updated to version 6.1.400.00

The SQL Server Monitoring MP for OpsMgr 2007 was recently updated.


Not a lot of changes in this update…  from the download site:  “Minor bug fixes. Fixed sql injection security issues”


Changes in the guide:

  • Updated the “Run As Profiles” section with detailed information about Run As accounts mapping targets.
  • Updated the “Changes in This Update” section.
  • Updated the “Configuration for Monitoring Clustered Resources” in the “Other Requirements” section.


Changes in the MP:

  • Made minor fixes in string resources.
  • Made security improvements.


I updated my environment and haven't seen any major differences or notable experiences.

Comments (6)

  1. martit01 says:

    Thanks Kevin.  Really appreciate this even with your new role.


  2. Kevin Holman says:

    The catalog always takes a bit of time from the initial web release, before it is available there.  I noticed today the old SQL MP is still in the catalog, however, it throws an error and will not download.

    I ALWAYS recommend downloading the MSI and DOC seperately…. I am not a fan of using the catalog for direct download and upgrade.  Primarily because customers often dont read the MP changes/upgrade requirements and just rock the new version…. and unsealed MP's provided with the MP (if any) will not download via the console catalog integration.

  3. Odnap says:

    Thank you for the update

  4. John Bradshaw says:


  5. Al says:

    Is there a reason these don't show up in the catalog?  I selected Import from Catalog and it still shows 6.1.314.36

  6. Dominique says:


    I could not find the SQL Server: memory Manager counters in SCOM is it it not the SQL MP?



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