Kevin has a new role

Today is my last day as a Microsoft Dedicated Premier Field Engineer.  I have been supporting our enterprise customers as a PFE (Dedicated) for the last 5 years.  This role has enabled me to see some of the largest and more complex OpsMgr 2007 deployments out there.  It is a unique role, where I was exposed to many facets of SCOM… it really enabled this blog to provide the material over the last few years.

I will be starting Monday as a Data Center TSP (Technical Solution Professional), which is a fancy way of saying Technical Sales.  I will now be covering the Microsoft System Center suite of products.  SCCM, SCOM, Opalis/Orchestrator, DPM, and Avicode.


I will still be blogging on a regular basis…… but I anticipate the nature of this blog will change.  I will be covering a lot broader range of products, instead of focusing only on OpsMgr.  I also imagine that things will get more deployment and design focused, probably not as rich with “early to market” issues and challenges like I have seen in the past.


That said – PFE is hiring!  If you are interested in working for Microsoft – we have a LOT of open positions all over the US (including my vacant position) for almost all the Microsoft technologies.  Simply visit and search on “PFE”.  Many of the positions are non-location specific and you can work from almost anywhere!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly via the blog contact form.

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  1. All the best in this new phase of your career, my friend. We'll be in touch anyway 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Kevin!

    Many thanks for all your help on the MSMOM mailing list and for your execellent articles here 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good luck with your new challenge!

    I`m waiting foward the new topics from your blog!

  4. Congratulations, Kevin, good luck in the new position man.

  5. Kevin Holman says:

    Hi Michel!

    Yes – I really missed getting to see you and everyone else at MMS – I will try never to miss one again!

    The honeymoon was very nice – went to St. Lucia.  My first time for a beach vacation – but it was much needed!

  6. VincentK says:

    Kevin, thank you for all the valuable information. Good luck in you new position and I'm very curious into your new blogs about whatever subject.

  7. Payne says:

    This is a sad day for the community of OpsMgr user who have come to depend on a reliable source of valuable information.

  8. Dominique says:

    I am joining Payne in the pain 🙂 as your blog was no more a blog but a knowledge database with experimented and detailed cases, I was going to your blog before technet a lot of time knowing you did all before me…

    It is really a sad to loose a MVP (P as professional) of this stature.

    Good Luck in your new assignment


  9. ML49448 says:

    I too looked on your blog as a primary resource and will miss the depth of knowledge you bring to your walkthroughs and discussions of all things OpsMgr.

    Best of luck in your new role,


  10. Amit Haridas says:

    Really this is sad news for all OpsMgr users.

    Wish You all the best for your new role Kevin.

  11. KevinYe1980 says:

    Sad to know that. Your blog is being a reliable OpsMgr knowledge databases in my daily work and helped me a lot to sort out a wide range of SCOM issues.

    Wish you have a brilliant future in our new role Kevin.

  12. Flemming Riis says:

    Good luck with your new role, great win for systemcenter suite

  13. Neil Thomson says:

    Thank you for all your posts about SCOM.

    I hope you post more on SCCM now.

    Good luck in the new job

  14. David Dellanno says:

    Congrats Kevin,

    Thank you very much for the hard work you provided to us, and the detail documentation you delievered.   You will be surely missed here!!!  Kudos to the new promotion!

  15. M.Mathew says:

    Thx for all the wonderfull posts & all the best for the new role..

  16. Rem-8 says:

    This is sad. Very sad. I still be visiting your blog but it looks like…. Chicago Bulls without Jordan now 🙂

  17. Ian Blyth says:

    Good luck with the new role. But I hope there is someone in Premier Support that can fill your shoes.

  18. Marnix Wolf says:

    Bummer for the Community since your blog is simply the best out there. Has helped on numerous occasions. But a good day for you since you're moving up the ladder. Congratulations for that Kevin. Hopefully we stay in contact.



  19. Rod Trent says:

    Congrats, Kevin!  Good luck in the new position. I know you'll do great.

    Looking forward to the expanded topics.

  20. Michiel Wouters says:

    Congrats! Thanks for your great efforts to the OpsMgr community.

  21. Todd N says:

    Good luck Kevin, but this news stinks.  This blog was basically the only life raft I had while learning/troubleshooting/tuning our SCOM install.

    Thanks for all of the help over the past months and once again good luck!

  22. santosh says:


    Congrats, Kevin! Good luck and excited about learning new topics from you….

  23. Bob Cornelissen says:

    Good luck with your new position Kevin. Please stay with the community as well, even though you might be a little less present 🙂 And thanks again for all the help during the past years!

  24. Serge Berat says:

    Good luck Kevin.  Nevertheless sad news as this blog was 'The OpsMgr Bible', your successor is up for quite a challenge 🙂

    Thanks for all of the help …

  25. Jason Schuster says:

    Good luck with your new role Kevin.. The SCOM community will miss your SCOM blogs..

  26. Ian C. says:

    Thanks Kevin.

    This definitely was the first port of call for SCOM. These detailed updates will be missed.

  27. Mani says:

    Congrats Kevin! Thanks for all your wonderful posts. You had the best blog on OpsMgr and provided reliable information. Congrtulations again and hopefull we stay in contact.


  28. Marinus Witbraad says:


    Good luck with this new role. And I agree with other people that this blog is one of the best OpsMgr blogs.

  29. Neal Engel says:

    Thanks for the help over the years Kevin – you've made a big impact. Best wishes to you in your new role.

  30. Narsi says:

    Congrats. Good luck with the new position.

  31. Hutton says:

    Always look foward to seeing updates on your blog, sad for the SCOM community but great news for you.  Congratulations.

  32. michel kamp says:

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for the past blogging time and congratulations with your new position!!.  I will still follow your new blogs.

    p.s Missed you on the MMS , how was your honeymoon ?

    Michel Kamp

  33. Thanks for sharing your valuable experiences through this blog, continue that in future as well 🙂

    All the best for your new role


    Rohit Kochher

  34. Basel says:


    Appreciate all the times you saved my .. neck .. blogging here.

    Good luck with the new challenge ahead ..


    Basel from UAE

  35. Mike Stok says:

    It has been a pleasure working with you! Your knowledge and willingness to help will be greatly missed and hard to replace!

    Good Luck!

  36. ray chou says:

    All the best Kevin!! I'm sure you'll ROCK as a TSP

  37. Dhanraj K says:

    Congrats, Kevin… Hope whenever a new CU is shipped we still have your steps to install it…

  38. mark wolzak says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the wonderful posts and all the best in your new position.

  39. Kammlu says:

    Congrats, Kevin!

    And thanks a lot for your big, big knowledge – it fetchs me often out of the dark… 🙂

  40. Good luck to your new role. I frequently checks your blog to see new update in OpsMgr which helps a lot to utilize the product effectively and troubleshoot the issue.

  41. Michael Cheung says:

    Thanks for all the time you spent with these postings/articles. And best of luck in your new position!

  42. Kitaab says:

    Sell well 🙂  

    Keep blogging OpsMgr

    Congratulations and Thank you Kevin.

  43. Tejas Rane says:

    Thanks Kevin for your valuable blogs and pointers, you made SCOM look easy.  Congrats for you new role. Awaiting new supplies. Thanks a Ton !!

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