How to collect performance data from a script. Example: Network adapter utilization

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  1. Kevin have you had a chance to write that follow-up blog entry on cookdown? Perhaps incorporating the script as powershell?


  2. VincentK says:


    Can you also make a powershell script of the cookdown enabled version in your next blog? That is easier for me when I adapt your scripts. Thanks for this blog though, it answerd a few questions I had. MP authoring isn't as easy as it sounds.



  3. Kevin Holman says:

    @Jess –

    To use this in a monitor – you would do something very similar to this for the rule.  The problem is – most customers will want a rule to collect, and a monitor to evaluate the thresholds and alert.  The problem with that, is this will run the script twice a much.  So a monitor inspecting every minute, will run the script onces for each NIC present, along with the rule running it multiple times for each nic for the perf collection.  This is why we need to make it support cookdown.  Then – we can create a shared datasource, and the rule and the monitortype can BOTH leverage this same shared datasource, and only run the script a single time, regardless of how many NIC's are present.  Then – this datasource will be able to feed both the rule and the monitor with a single script execution.  That will be coming in the next article – whenever I have some time.  🙂

  4. Also, that link to cookdowns is dead 🙁

  5. Great Article says:

    How do we use this in a monitor?



  6. dick wenning says:

    Is this also posible to do it for a monitor (alert)

  7. bala says:


      After importing the MP, Im able to see the performance view . But im not able to see the report as above.

      I didnt find  any MP name in the Management pack dropdown while trying to generate the report.

      can you help me to resolve this?


  8. bdk says:

    so is the cookdown friendly version available anywhere? thx!

  9. Gobind says:

    I have a query, The Network Utilization captured on the Task Manager and the Resource monitor always varies. Does Resource monitor capture those data in a different way ?

  10. Anonymous says:

    SCOM has many different ways to monitor for a file size. Here are some simple examples using script and

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