Renaming your Default Management Pack

I didn’t come up with this idea…. I got it from Cameron Fuller who got it from Rory McCaw’s session at MMS last year.  So credit goes to both of them for the idea and initially spreading it.  As I was talking to many of my colleagues, I found out this is not a commonly known practice.  So, maybe this is a good topic to write about to spread the information.


The default management pack is the first MP that shows up in the list when creating an override.  However, it is a best practice to NEVER save anything to this.  Admins will often forget this best practice, and accidentally save items here.  Then – a cleanup of this MP is often required, as documented here:  Clean up the Default MP  This problem has even prompted some customers to monitor when changes are made to their default MP.


There is no supportable way to make this MP “read only” or sealed.  However – we CAN rename this MP to provide a visual warning that might help you or your customer remember not to save things here.  While we cannot rename the ID of an MP, we can rename the Display Name of any unsealed MP.


In the console, Administration pane, Management Packs, find you default MP.  Bring up the properties – and you can rename this:




To something like this:





This will hopefully remind you or your customer not to save overrides to this MP.  Below is what you will see when creating an override:



Comments (12)

  1. Kevin Holman says:

    @Rob – keep your eyes peeled.  I think you will be happy.

  2. VincentK says:

    Even with changing the display name of the MP you will still have "quickies" that accidently get placed into the default management pack. We have changed the name of this MP since the implementation of scom and every now and then I need to recreated an override in the correct MP since someone didn't pay enough attention when he created the override/group. This is because that even though you change the display name it will always be the default selection when you create a new object.

    I have always wondered why this mp is even selectable. Why is this MP not filtered from the drop-down list and even better, why is the drop-down list not "empty" when you create an object like an override or group? By making it empty (no default selection) you will need to select a MP (and thus think about which one) before you can save the object and greatly reduce these kinds of errors.

  3. Kevin Holman says:

    @Brian – yes – you can easily rename ANY unsealed MP easily in the console.. as that only modifies the displayname of the MP – it does not change the ID of the MP or any of the workflows.

  4. Odnap says:

    Thanks. Very Informative…

  5. Alexx_B says:

    Good idea! Thank you!

  6. Mario says:

    Great tip to the right time! Thank's, Kevin!

  7. rob1974 says:

    Now get rid of the "disable" rule which automatically saves to the default and we'd really be happy (i'm hoping this is picked up in vnext),

    As VincentK points out it's still being selected as default and if you're not careful you just press the save button, but at least it's hopefully another trigger to select a different mp.

  8. Delf says:

    Yes, a very good suggestion indeed.  Thanks for passing this tip along!

  9. Norm Geltz says:

    Never even thought of that approach Kevin. I've simply created customized MPs for all other imported/created MPs – great WARNING suggestion for the eyes before clicking the mouse.

  10. Brian Levitt says:

    So I have to ask this question, can you just rename any of the custom management packs or do you need to delete and do a clean creation with the proper naming convention?  I'm asking this because we just had a reorg and they want the naming convention to fit the newly named groups.

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