Rare gateway / certificate issue – Event 20077 – the certificate cannot be queried for property information

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You describe a false path, the path is correct – support.microsoft.com/…/889651   🙂

  2. Shifak says:

    Thank you Kevin. Solved my problem. Took me a couple of hours though to find this thread.

  3. Kevin Holman says:

    I did run the certreq for the inf on the gateway.  Then I copied that file to my worstation to process, then copied the cert back to the GW.  So I dont think that's it.

  4. Tom_Floor says:

    Thanks, this solved my problem on and old 2003 gateway server 🙂

  5. VaH says:

    i think the thumbprint is not correct because you made request CertReq –New –f RequestConfig.inf CertRequest.req not on GW machine, so it created request with wrong thmbprint

    I had Related problems too

  6. Rob Boulter says:

    Hi Kevin,  Thanks for posting.  You saved my day and probably my IT contract!

  7. Jason Botine says:

    This was a life saver! I was racking my brain trying to get the servers in our DMZ to connect. I was able to get a few to connect but not others.

  8. John2R says:

    I also found this error message when the gateway OS version (prob certreq.exe) to be older than the requesting workstation or CA server. In this case, import to W2008R2 personal cert store and export as .pfx. Import the .pfx into the gateway cert store,
    then MOMCertImport The older versions appear to ignore the private key in .cer files.

  9. SRee says:

    Thanks Kevin, this resolved my problem with cross domain agent.

  10. Stephen Owen says:

    If you’re getting an ‘File not found’ error, be sure that your copy and paste didn’t accidentally add a question mark to the field, like mine did!

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