Want to provide direct feedback on Microsoft Management packs?


You can do this easily yourself now. 


I often hear customers mention to me while I am onsite, little complaints about some of our MP’s.  The problem is – these complaints (sometimes even bugs) never make it up to the MP owners because the customers don’t open a case with Microsoft about the issue.  Sometimes they are road-blockers, sometimes they are just annoyances.  Sometimes – you might just have an idea on how we could do something better, or something we missed?

Now – you can have some direct feedback to the product owners on Management Packs.




On Connect – sign up/sign in – and get access to this URL.  From here – you can open a feedback request against the core product – or MP’s:




Here – you can also view the feedback others are giving – and even vote on the feedback if you think this is important to you as well:






This is an easy way to take just a few minutes – and make sure that issues important to you are known and evaluated.

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