How to monitor a process on a multi-CPU agent using ScaleBy

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  1. cMoLe says:

    Thank you for info on the <ScaleBy> tag, however, I'm not finding where I can add that tag to a rule. Am I missing something?

  2. Kevin Holman says:

    @Ruben – this is an OS artifact of how the perfmon counters work, so SCOM 2012 will not natively change anything about this.

  3. Marnix Wolf says:

    Thanks man! Good posting. This explains a lot!

  4. Roland De Clerck says:

    Is it possible to apply the same for a performance collector rule; I want the lsass processor time value also scaled by in the performance data

  5. Anoop C Nair says:

    How to import or enable this custom monitor? and how to verify whether it is enabled or not?

  6. KellyK says:

    Kevin, How to Edit Rule to include <scaleby> ?  I am trying to get datafile size in MB.

  7. KellyK says:

    Kevin, I have one more question. How  can we create report in Execl/pdf format for  sql servers database size? These performance views doesn't serve much purpose… somtimes.

  8. andyinsdca says:

    2 notes about this:

    1: I put <ScaleBy> at the "end" of the configuration, the authoring console hated that, so I manually edited the XML, the RMS wouldn't import it. Apparently this has to be in a specific place, so I put it after <Frequency> and it works just fine

    2: For the alert description, if you want the value of the counter to show up, you need to use $Data/Context/SampleValue$ (I think the authoring console puts in $Data/Context/Value$ which is wrong)

  9. rupesh says:


    Did anyone figure how to Edit the Rule to include <scaleby> ? I have SCOM 2007 R2 and do not see “Edit” on the configuration tab.  I tried to export the MP add the scaleby line and reimport the MP but still doesn;t work.  I still see DB size in KB instead of MB

    Thanks in advance

  10. Ruben Delgado says:

    The problem is solved in Scom 2012?

    Thanks for Help

  11. Rinku says:

    HI , I am using SCOM 2012 SP1 but I did not see to Configuration edit option as posted above in blog. Any help please?

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