System Center Central – some really cool OpsMgr Health reports available

System Center Central has published some really good reports – which will help you keep up with the health of your environment.


Many of these are based on queries published on my blog and other blogs in the community, but they have wrapped a lot of the most common queries into a set of handy reports.  This is very helpful so you can keep up with the most common issues seen in SCOM environments, and schedule these reports to run on a regular basis and drop them into your inbox.

This will help you keep up with these issues and help you keep a historical record for these common problems.


Report Name Queries Database
Agents - Agent Hotfix Report (OM) OperationsManager
Agents - Agents Missing Hotfix Report (OM) OperationsManager
Agents - Down Agents (OM) OperationsManager
Alerts - Alerts Closed by Specific User (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Alerts - Alerts Closed by User [Count] (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Alerts - Alerts Closed by UserID (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Alerts - Number of Alerts per Day (OM) OperationsManager
Alerts - Top 20 Alerts By Alert Count (OM) OperationsManager
Alerts - Top 20 Alerts By Repeat Count (OM) OperationsManager
Config Churn - Discoveries Last 24 Hours (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Config Churn - Modified Properties Details Last 24 Hours (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Events - All Events Count By Last 7 Days (OM) OperationsManager
Events - Most Common Events by Number and Publisher (OM) OperationsManager
Events - Top 20 Computers Generating the Most Events (OM) OperationsManager
Misc - Groups Report (OM) OperationsManager
Misc - Infrastructure Overview (OM) OperationsManager
Misc - Management Packs (OM) OperationsManager
Misc - Operational and Datawarehouse Usage Report (OM) - (DW) Both
Misc - Outage and Maintenance Report (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Misc - Run As Profiles (OM) OperationsManager
Performance - Performance Inserts Per Day (OM) OperationsManager
Performance - Top 20 Computers By Perf Count (OM) OperationsManager
Performance - Top 20 Performance Insertions By Perf (OM) OperationsManager
Performance - Top Performance Baseline Generating Rules (OM) OperationsManager
State - Noisiest Monitors (OM) OperationsManager
State - Old State Changes Not Groomed (OM) OperationsManager
State - State Changes Per Day (OM) OperationsManager
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  1. Hello Kevin,
    I have running SCOM 2012 R2 and I have exchange server 2010 to monitor I need to know what are all the alerts i will get for that servers.
    Is that any way to find with threshold values too. it really Appreciate if give some direction to know this.

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