Management group checkup – a database perspective

Attached you will find a PowerPoint slide deck that I used to present to the System Center Virtual Users Group meeting on June 11th.

This discussion was looking at your management group overall health from a database perspective.  There are many facets to the health of SCOM, this is just one perspective.  I discussed SQL back-end configuration and best practices, and the importance and methodology of tuning.  I also discussed what to look for in the database to discover unknown issues that might be impacting you.  Out of scope for this conversation, but important, are sizing and performance metrics of the SQL server.


You can watch the presentation from a link here:


In the slide deck – I have commented each slide with notes and details to provide more data on each condition.  My goal was for others to be able to use this as a “pocket handbook” when looking at their SCOM database servers from a configuration and tuning perspective. 

Management Group Checkup - a Database Perspective.ppt

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  1. pradeep says:

    Hi All,
    I am trying to write a query to display Hypervisor information (including Hypervisor Software, Location of server running on this hypervisor, No. of physical server). I have no idea which table I should call as I could not find a table which stores this data. Any advise Please?



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