How to collect performance data for SQL databases (multi-instance objects)

I have had several blog posts in the past discussing how to write rules and monitors against multi-instance objects.  Special care must always be taken when writing workflows against classes where an agent can host more than one instance of the same class type.  Examples would be Logical Disk, SQL DB Engine, SQL Database, etc….


New Dell Sever Hardware MP available 4.1

Marnix just blogged about it here:


Want to provide direct feedback on Microsoft Management packs?

  You can do this easily yourself now.    I often hear customers mention to me while I am onsite, little complaints about some of our MP’s.  The problem is – these complaints (sometimes even bugs) never make it up to the MP owners because the customers don’t open a case with Microsoft about the…


OpsMgr 2007 R2 Core MP’s updated 6.1.7695.0

The core MP’s have been updated on their regular schedule.  If you are running OpsMgr 2007 R2 – you should update these as soon as possible.   You can get the update here:   I have updated my recommended hotfix page to include these here:   Note:  If you have downloaded previous core…


Collecting SQL Database size as a performance counter

There were some changes made in the most recent SQL MP I wrote about here: SQL MP version 6.1.314.36 released–adds support for SQL 2008R2 and many other changes   Some of the noisy rules and monitors were disabled by default – and some workflows were deprecated, and replaced with new workflows.  Also – the SQL…


How to Monitor Print Services on Server 2008 R2

      Many people have commented that there is no Print Server Management Pack for Server 2008 R2.   As of this writing – the current Print MP is 6.0.6392.0 which supports monitoring Print Services on Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows Server 2008.  However – when the Print Services Role is added to…


How to set Agent proxy enabled for all agents

Some customers have decided it is too much trouble to mess with setting Agent Proxy enabled on agents on an as-needed basis.  In some cases, they have too many agents being added on a daily basis, and the amount of work to keep up with this setting is cumbersome.  We previously discussed some tools to…


Monitoring Windows Services – Automatic, Manual, and Disabled, using CheckStartupType

The Basic Service Unit Monitor is a very common monitor type to check the running status of any Windows Service.   The design of this Monitor by default – is to ONLY monitor the service – if the Startup Type is set to “Automatic” This is because many services are set to manual or disabled…


After moving your OperationsManager Database–you might find event 18054 errors in the SQL server application log

I recently wrote about My Experience Moving the Operations Database to New Hardware.  Something I noticed today – is that the application event log on the SQL server was full of 18054 events, such as below: Log Name:      Application Source:        MSSQL$I01 Date:          10/23/2010 5:40:14 PM Event ID:      18054 Task Category: Server Level:         Error Keywords:      Classic…


Clustering the Exchange 2010 Correlation Engine service

In the Exchange 2010 MP, there is a unique service installed which handles monitor state correlation, designed to reduce the number of alerts coming from this MP and enhancing root cause analysis of the core issue. The Exchange MP guide states the following: Determine which server will host the Correlation Engine. While not strictly required,…


Uh Oh. Operations Database is full!

    Let’s say you find yourself in a pickle. Perhaps you ignored your Operations Database size, perhaps grooming was failing and you didn’t notice, perhaps you wrote a BAD rule, and FLOODED the database with events, or performance data? Now, your database is full, and there is no more free space on the disk?…


Charts not showing up in scheduled reports?

      There is an issue where scheduled reports will email the report, however, the graphic/chart will not show up in the attachment. Additionally, on the reporting server application event log – you will see the following event: Level: Error EventID: 108 Source: Report Server Windows Service Message: Report Server Windows Service (instancename) cannot…


OpsMgr 2007 R2 CU3 rollup hotfix ships – and my experience installing it

****NOTE OpsMgr 2007 R2 CU5 is now shipped and this is an old article.       ***Note:  I recommend reading this article all the way through…. things didn’t go exactly as I’d expected, and there are some very critical order-of-operations steps to be aware of.  There is a known issue where the SDK…


Support statement for SQL 2008R2 for OpsMgr 2007 R2

    Previous to today, using SQL 2008R2 as a back end database instance for the Operations DB, Warehouse DB, or SSRS reporting instances was not supported.   Over on the MOMTEAM BLOG and in KB2425714, they just published a support statement for SQL 2008R2.   This is being handled in two phases: Phase 1: …


Installing the OpsMgr R2 Universal Connector

Microsoft provides some free connectors, for sending alerts from OpsMgr to other management systems. These connectors are available for download here: This release of the Operations Manager 2007 R2 Connectors includes the following Connectors: Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Connector for IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2…


How to create a group of objects, that are CONTAINED by some other group

I had an interesting customer request.  The customer has a boundary of responsibility where the OS/Hardware team is responsible for ALL C: drives on all servers.  However, the individual application teams are responsible for ALL OTHER disks, which are used for applications. Therefore, for notification purposes, the customer wanted to create groups of ALL disks,…


Configuring Run As Accounts and Profiles in OpsMgr – A SQL Management Pack Example

Update 11/29/2012:  This article is current as of the version of the SQL MP.   Using RunAs accounts and profiles is an often poorly understood area of OpsMgr.  As I began to investigate setting this up for the SQL MP, I quickly realized how little I understood it.  Chatting with my PFE peers, I…


Operations Manager 101–download

Attached to this blog article you will find a PDF file that some of my PFE (Premier Field Engineer) colleagues wrote to help customers in getting started with OspMgr.   This is also beneficial when you as an OpsMgr Admin, need a “101” document for your application owners – who need a little assistance getting…


Some things to know about the DHCP MP version 6.0.6709.0

  A new DHCP Management Pack recently released, version 6.0.6709.0 on 7/9/2010.  One of my customers asked me to review this MP because of some questions he had about it.  There are some interesting things worthy of pointing out about this MP.   You can download it from the MP catalog.   As with…