Native Exchange 2007 MP 6.0.6741.0 ships for OpsMgr 2007 SP1 users

If for some reason you cannot or will not upgrade to OpsMgr 2007 R2, then this update is for you!

This Native MP replaces the old “converted” Exchange 2007 MP.  If you are running the old conversion MP then I STRONGLY suggest making the effort to transition to this MP.


This MP version 6.0.6741.0 is for SP1 users ONLY!  If you are running OpsMgr 2007 R2 – there is an R2-Only version of this MP for you on the catalog.


Some notes:

This MP is essentially designed after the R2-only version – with the R2-only enhancement features removed. 

This MP is NOT UPGRADE COMPATIBLE with ANY previously public released Exchange 2007 MP.  This means you need to remove your existing Exchange MP before you import this one…. and start a new overrides MP for this one, for tuning.  Believe me – it will be worth it.  Technically – you can run both MP’s side by side…. here is a blurb from the guide:


  • This new Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 SP1 does not support an upgrade from the previously released, converted Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007. We recommend that you do not run both management packs in parallel. However, running both management packs in parallel is a supported scenario. If you decide to run both management packs in parallel, before importing this management pack, disable any synthetic transaction in the converted management pack. For more information about migrating custom settings from the previously released, converted management pack to the new, native management pack, see Appendix: Migrating from the Previously-Released Converted Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack.


Here is what's new from the guide:


Reports. This management pack provides a set of reports specific to Exchange 2007. For the list of reports and for more information about the reports, see Appendix: Reports.

· Improved disk monitoring. The management pack improves Exchange disk monitoring by providing support for mount points and by discovering three types of disks. This improvement enables you to establish a disk monitoring standard across all Exchange 2007 servers using fewer overrides. The types of disks discovered are Database (on the Mailbox server role), Log (on the Mailbox server role), and Queue (on the Hub and Edge server roles). For information about how to configure Exchange 2007 Disk Monitoring, see Configure Disk Monitoring. For information about classes in this management pack, see Classes.

· A significant number of rules and monitors that are not actionable or may be noisy are disabled. Note that many of these rules are still in the management pack so that you can enable them if necessary. For a list of rules and monitors that are disabled by default in this management pack, see Appendix: Monitors and Rules Disabled by Default.

· A number of performance collection rules are disabled. For a list of disabled performance collection rules, see Performance Collection Rules Disabled by Default.

· Support for monitoring any number of Exchange organizations using a single Operations Manager 2007 management group. There are no specific requirements imposed by this management pack for monitoring multiple Exchange organizations.

· Full support for clustered configurations using Windows Clustering technology. For more details, see Monitoring Clustered Mailbox Servers and Log Shipping.

· An extensive class model, showing the relevant Exchange 2007 server roles and components, as well as service-centric components, allowing you to measure availability or performance at a granular level. The class model fully supports the Distributed Application Designer, allowing you to create custom distributed applications using the appropriate Exchange 2007 components. The appropriate classes and monitors are declared public, enabling you to extend the monitoring if needed. For hierarchical diagrams of the Exchange 2007 management pack classes, see Classes.

· Improved low-privilege support. This management pack supports installing the agent with the minimum rights required by the Operations Manager agent.

· Improved tasks. The management pack includes a number of tasks that simplify troubleshooting and reduce the amount of time to resolve the alert.

· Improved topology discovery. This management pack introduces a number of improvements to topology discovery.

· There is no central discovery script. Each agent is responsible for discovering its piece of the topology. This ensures that potential permissions and trust issues are minimized. There are no requirements on trusts in order to generate the topology.

· The topology will show only agent-managed Exchange 2007 servers, ensuring that the topology consists only of servers that the Exchange administrator has chosen to monitor.

· Improved synthetic transactions. This management pack improves the support for the Exchange 2007 synthetic transactions in several ways:

· The management pack supports local mail flow transactions. For more information, see the Configuring Mail Flow Synthetic Transactions section.

· The management pack supports running the following Exchange 2007 synthetic transactions:

· Test-Mailflow ( (local mail flows only)

· Test-OwaConnectivity ( (internal only)

· Test-MapiConnectivity (

· Test-ReplicationHealth (

· The discovery of Exchange 2007 server roles is disabled by default and minimal Exchange 2007 monitoring is applied. This allows you to discover and monitor your servers gradually, as well as tune the management pack as you bring more agent-managed Exchange 2007 servers into the Operations Manager environment. For more information, see Enable Exchange 2007 Server Role Discovery.

Comments (1)

  1. ashujoshi27 says:


    I was not able to locate the syntehtic transaction for below in MP version 6.0.6741.0.



    Both the transactions were available in old (converted MP).

    If these are available in new MP then where i can locate them. If those are not available then hiow we can do the same?


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