How to force the Web Console to open a specific view, instead of the default Monitoring Overview


When you open the Web Console – the default view will open to a “Monitoring Overview” pane.  This view, in very large environments, can take considerable time to finish loading, before you can select any other views.  Sometimes, loading this view may time out as well.





Here is a way to load a specific view by default.  This helps when you have customers that only need to see a very specific pre-configured alert or state view.

The format is: 




Lets break that all down:


The first part of the URL is a constant – this should be self explanatory:


The next part is an ID for the view.  These will be constant for default built in views and views from Microsoft MP’s.  Your custom MP’s will have their own unique view ID’s.  I will talk more about how to find these ID’s below.  My example ID is for the “Active Alerts” view at the top of the console view list.


The last part is the ViewType.  This describes to the console if we are dealing with an AlertView, StateView, or PerformanceView



Here is a SQL query – to get all the view ID’s from the OperationsManager (OpsDB) for any view:

select as 'View Id',
vv.displayname as 'View DisplayName', as 'View Name',
vtv.DisplayName as 'ViewType',
mpv.FriendlyName as 'MP Name'
from ViewsView vv
inner join managementpackview mpv on = vv.managementpackid
inner join viewtypeview vtv on = vv.monitoringviewtypeid
--where mpv.FriendlyName like '%default%'
--where vv.displayname like '%Service%'
order by mpv.FriendlyName, vv.displayname


Here are some examples of some built in views:


“Active Alerts” view at the top:


“Windows Computers” state view:


“Operating System Performance” view from the BaseOS (Microsoft Windows Server) MP:



Now – you can give a specific use this URL for their favorites – if they want to open the Web Console on this specific view.

Comments (10)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to jump to a performance view for a specific machine, similar to when an alert has the option to ‘view a graph…’ ? Seems to relate to a PmoID which i havent able to work out how to obtain correctly. Thanks

  2. Very useful info, Kevin. I'm not sure it's the right place, but have you ever tried to link the webconsole inside a webpart in sharepoint? It starts fine, asks for authentication (when using forms authentication) and then all I get is kind of a header of the page with some strange buttons and an access denied in the common.js script. It seems to be related to cross-site scripting, but I couldn't find any answer to that.

    What I want is to link differente MGs from different customer and make sort of a dashboard.

    Tks a lot,

    Jose Fehse

  3. Kevin Holman says:

    I dont know of a way to do that.  That is odd, thinking out loud… because the console doesnt view "computers" it shows a View.  Then – you can filter that view accordingly.

    If you want a web interface to a performance report – then I would use a report, and not a snapshot view.

    Or – make a view that is scoped and filtered just to that one machine/object/counter?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Visio add-on automatically creates Health Explorer URLs.  You have to know the object UID as it is not a View though.  Here is a sample:


  5. rtik says:

    That is great, thanks.

    Do you know any way to make custom URL to open the web console in health explorer of a specific object?

    The links of the health explorer are different from the other view types, so the custom links in this post does not work for health explorer.

  6. amhome says:

    Adding ‘&DisplayMode=Pivot’ to the end of the  URL will also hide the Navigation Pane.

    Does anyone know any other parameters that can be used in the URL?

  7. KevinMar says:

    Like Amo I was wondering if there were more parameters available on the URL.  Along with the ‘DisplayMode=Pivot’ is there a way to remove Actions pane, the title frame, etc.  I have a performance view and I only want to see the the view itself and the legend.

  8. Peter says:

    I have the same Access denied in Sharepoint 2010 Foundation. I know the Visio add-in can be implemented with Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise – but if possible it could be nice to "add" the views in the free version too.

    And yes is there other way to remove other panes "like &DisplayMode=Pivot"  

  9. Hmitkari says:

    after applying KB971541 update Alert View link in no longer works

  10. Manni says:

    Currently 2017 and still impossible to find a way to do this ?!

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