Quick tip – using regular expressions in a dynamic group

Here is a quick tip on using a regular expression when creating a group.


OpsMgr dynamic inclusion rules are case sensitive.

If I have a group that I want to contain all computers that START with “OM”…. I can use the following expression:




The “^” tells regex to start a new line… without this – it will search the entire computername for “OM” instead of only servers with a name that starts with “OM”.  This shows the following group membership:




However – this is not all my “OM” servers.  This is because when some were built, they used a lower case name.  If I change the dynamic inclusion expression to “^om” I will only see the lower case servers (the NetBIOS Computer name is lower case… not the display name as shown):




Ok – how do I get them ALL in the same group?


There are a couple ways.

One way is to “OR” the two regex queries:








Another way – courtesy of Tim Helton – is to use the regex modifier (?i:) to make it case insensitive:




Which yields:





This should make dynamic groups a bit easier.  We can expand this to add the HealthService Watcher objects, which is typical for groups that we will scope notifications to:




Which yields all my Windows Computers, and their Health Service Watcher components.


Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is very helpful Kevin.

    I was also stumped in using ? as a wildcard until I found the following which said to use a . instead of ? then it worked fine when searching for all computers starting with abc as an example, (?i:^abc.)  



    John Bradshaw

  2. nomad says:

    I used this today and it helped me out.

  3. paul says:

    Awesome!!!  I have been beating myself up trying to figure out what should be a useful simple functionality and here it is very clearly explained, thank goodness!

  4. Manoj says:

    Really helpful tips.. Thanks Kevin

  5. Thanks Kevin. Really helpful. You rock as always!!

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