R2 – Improved override screens

Here are some changes in R2 that make Overrides a bit more intuitive, and help a LOT in understanding what has been done:


First up:  We used to have a lot of names for “Class”.  We used “Target”, “Instance Type”, “Object Type” and “Type” before… among others.  In the Override screens previously – we called it “All Objects of Type”.  Now – it is named “For all objects of class”  (see image below)  This make a lot more sense.



Unfortunately – in other screens – we still refer to the “Class” as a “Target”… so it still isnt 100% consistent.  🙁



Next up – we have a Default Value added!  So now – in any override – we can see the MP default, The override value, and (once applied) the effective value.




And now – in the same console – we immediately see all our overrides,




Whats REALLY cool about this?  You can scope this new view – based on just about any criteria you would want:





This will really help, and reduce some of the dependency on external tools like Override Explorer.

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