R2 – Improved Agent Proxy Alerts

Here is a nice add in R2:  When we give you the old “agent proxy alert”, we now tell you the name of the Agent that needs agent proxy enabled, and resolve the name of the object type that it was bringing in:


Nice improvement.  I enable agent proxy for SQL1CLN2 and get on with my day.



Comments (2)

  1. Kevin Holman says:

    Well – there are some really easy bulk tools to do just this… and its pretty easy to set up a scheduled task to accomodate….

    But yes… I know and understand your pain.  🙂


  2. Nathan says:

    That’s a nice start but how about something even simplier…like a few tick boxes in settings that say something like "always enable proxying for DC’s, Tem servers, clusters, etc"

    Sometimes i feel like the SCOM team are sadists who are trying to make more work for me.  🙂

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