Recording a web application browser session driving you crazy?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes getting the web application recorder to capture a web session can be a little tricky.&#160;

  2. Tabouli says:

    I am working in an environment where we have IIS applications in a DMZ which I cannot access directly from any of the computers with the SCOM console installed.  Is it possible to install the recorder on a device in the DMZ to record a session?  Is there a better way to do this?

  3. capriole says:

    Is there any way of forcing the web application monitor to use a client certificate to authenticate?

    We would like to monitor an IIS website that allows certificate auth only – not Basic, Digest or IWA/NTLM.

  4. Briansw says:

    Is there a trick for getting new web app monitor to show up in the web app state view?

  5. Rosi says:

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  6. Any says:

    Is it possible to create Web Application Availability monitor using Server groups already created in Authoring console instead of manually selecting the agents?

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