A cool way to use a web page view in the console – run a report!

Here is a unique way to use web page views in the OpsMgr console.

You can create a web page view in the Ops Console for pretty much any HTML - whether local to your hard drive - or a real web page.

When you run an SRS based report, you can drop this link into a web page view.

Here is an example: 


I will use a generic report that I wrote to show all servers that are currently not pingable - that I posted HERE


This is just a simple SRS report, that runs a query and returns all servers that are currently not pingable...  if you look at the URL when you run the report - it actually calls out the specific report to run:




So - lets copy this URL, and we will paste it into our new web page view, in the console.

Go to the console, and create a new managemwent pack for your custom views, or create the view in an existing MP you already have.  Mine is called "Demo".

Then, create a new web page view.

Paste in the URL for the report as such:




Hit ok.


Now - this new web page view will execute this report, on demand, right from the main view of a console....





For another REALLY cool use of the web page view - check out my co-workers blog - Steve Rachui - he has written a cool maintenance mode web page, and uses this same web page view to add it to the console:


Get the maint mode website tool here:


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