Recording a web application browser session driving you crazy?

    Sometimes – getting this to work is frustrating.  The problems generally are caused by the security hardening of the OS hosting the console… not an issue with OpsMgr.  Here are some tips. This is seen especially on hardened versions of Vista and Server 2008.  Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configration, and UAC (User Account…


Cleaning up the Default MP

The Default management pack that ships with OpsMgr 2007 is used to store very specific information for the management group.  It is a widely known best practice to NOT write any custom rules, monitors, groups, views, or overrides to this MP.  Even customers who know this – and try to enforce this across their organizations…….


A cool way to use a web page view in the console – run a report!

Here is a unique way to use web page views in the OpsMgr console. You can create a web page view in the Ops Console for pretty much any HTML – whether local to your hard drive – or a real web page. When you run an SRS based report, you can drop this link…


Boosting OpsMgr performance – by reducing the OpsDB data retention

Here is a little tip I often advise my customers on….. The default data retention in OpsMgr is 7 days for most data types:     These are default settings which work well for a large cross section of different agent counts.  In MOM 2005 – we defaulted to 4 days.  Many customers, especially with…