How to install IIS on Server 2008 to support OpsMgr Web Console and Reporting

The IIS role on Server 2008 is required for Web Console support, and SQL reporting.  Below are the steps to have a IIS configuration with all the options that are necessary:


On the server, run Server Manager



Click Roles, then Add Roles.  Click Next.

On the Select Server Roles screen - select Web Server (IIS).  Click Next.



Click Next.

On the Select Roles Services screen - add the following check boxes:

  • HTTP Redirection
  • ASP.NET (add the required additional roles)
  • ASP
  • Basic Authentication (if using Forms Based auth and SSL)
  • Windows Authentication (if using Windows account authorization)
  • IIS 6 Management Compatibility  (adds all sub-roles)


image image


Click Next.  Click Install.

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Most excellent document!

  2. Anonymous says:


    I meet you at the MMS 2009 in Vegas. I asked you a question about sql. You showed me a link from your blog on how I can get the reporting serives to work right without having to click run as administrator in 2008. I am running Sql 2005 sp3 on windows 2008 enterprise. This is as far as I am getting on my test box. Production is ok. When I go to the reporting web page for Sql on my test system I do not see everything that I should. If I choose to run as administrator then everything looks as it should. Can you point me to your correct blog on how to set this up? I would greatly appreciate it. You mentioned a permission’s problem and I seen it on your page but I am unable to find the instructions on how to set this up.


    John Wayne Braden

    US Department of Energy

    Y12 Operations

  3. MarkieMark says:

    Thanks for the info, I was looking for this!!!

    Keep up the good work Kevin

  4. eddieo says:

    Well done, I was having problems with Web console until I followed your article.

  5. John Bradshaw says:

    Could not have installed Web console on 2008R2 without this. Thx


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