What hotfixes should I apply ?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just read this article on Kevin Holman’s blog about hotfixes for Operations Manager 2007. I think it’s

  2. Mark Benoit says:

    KB954049 appears to complete successfully (no errors) but none of the DLLs get updated. On an x64 platform (Win2K8 of course), 8 DLLs and 1 EXE are listed for update to 6.0.6278.32 but they all stay at 6.0.6278.0.  I have tried the registry workaround described in your other article http://blogs.technet.com/kevinholman/archive/2008/09/24/installing-the-web-console-on-a-2008-management-server-using-windows-authentication.aspx (even though there was no error) and have tried re-downloading the patch and rerunning it many times on various Management and Agent servers – all with no success.

  3. Kevin Holman says:

    Yes – this is a fairly common issue with some of the current hotfixes, and is being addressed in all future hotfix releases.

    To work around this issue – please see the registry workaround that I posted about here:


  4. Kevin Holman says:

    This is a common problem.  It is cause by having UAC enabled.

    You need to opena  command prompt "As an Administrator" and always execute hotfixes on Server 2008 from an elevated command prompt.  Make sure you are running the MSI download… and not the MSP file.  The MSI download kicks off the bootstrapper windows to launch the update after it installs, and this is necessary to copy over all the correct MSP files to the Agentmanagement directory.  If you run the MSI download, and it is already installed – just let the wizard uninstall the hotfix installer, and then run the MSI download again to do the whole process…. first installing the MSI based hotfix installer, then using the windows that pops up to install the hotfix itself.  This must all be done in one shot – from the elevated command prompt on Windows 2008 with UAC.

    For agents – the normal update process, approving agent pending actions, works just fine.

  5. Patching Problems Part 1 « Ian Blyth - System Center Technologies says:

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  6. Ian Zarzuela says:

    After applying the 956240 hotfix and following the SQL process on the RMS, the version of Microsoft.mom.dataaccesslayer.dll is still 6.0.6278.0. Already tried re-applying to no avail.  Any advise?

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