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Check it:


This is a new site dedicated to OpsMgr content.  Here you can find all kinds of downloadable tools, management packs, scripts, and articles.... that come from internal Microsoft resources, like MCS, PFE, PSS, MSIT, and the OpsMgr product teams.  I expect to see the content growing over time....


They already have some good stuff up there, and they have some cool plans.


Check out the search in the upper right hand corner:



This search is more focused than generic Live, Google, or Yahoo searches... and you can scope it event further.

For instance.... say you are looking for more information on maintenance mode..... perhaps you saw a blog post with good stuff a while back but cant find it now?  You paste that in there.... and choose Blogs:




Another cool feature.... is they are planning making the MPViewer HTML dumps available on the site.... that will make is easy to send  the content of a specific MP to someone in your company - in a simple, easy to read format.....


The site is now RSS enabled.... so if you prefer to use a RSS feed reader, you can do this as well to stay current.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I already blogged about the new OpsManJam website where you can find unofficial management packs, management

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