How do I know if I have all the required hotfixes on Windows Server 2008 to be supported for a OpsMgr agent?

Given the recent support of Server 2008 with an OpsMgr 2007 agent.... (see Announcing OpsMgr support for Windows Server 2008

We need a good way to determine if all of our Server 2008 machines have the required hot-fixes.


We can do this by creating a Extended Class, and adding attributes to it from WMI queries.  Sounds more complicated than it is.  Let's get started:


In the authoring pane, create a new attribute.  The name of each attribute will be the KB article number we are looking for.... and this will show up as a column in a new state view.  I'll use KB951116 as the first example:







The discovery type will be "WMI Query".  For the Target - we will pick "Windows Server 2008 Computer".  Since this is a Class from a sealed MP - it will replace the target with the same name and add "_Extended".  Lets go ahead and Name this extension with a little more detail.... so I am going to add "_QFE" to it.

Lastly - pick a Management Pack to place this extended attribute in... and name it according to your Company management pack naming standard.  (you DO have a management pack naming standard - don't you???)





Namespace:  root\cimv2

Query:   select * from win32_quickfixengineering where HotFixID = 'KB951116'

Property Name (case sensitive):  HotFixID

Frequency:  86400 seconds (1 once per day)






Click Finish.

Now - repeat the process.... for Each KB you want to see -

Give the next attribute a new name of the next KB number. 

Target the new extended class this time (don't build a new extended class each time or you wont be able to see all KB's in a single view)

Modify the query for the new KB number.


When you are done - you can create a new State View - and scope it to your new Extended class






Now click the display tab - and only add the columns that make sense for this view - like the "Name" and then the KB columns:




It makes a simple view:





Now we can create a group... to show us ANY servers missing ANY required hotfixes.... and which hotfixes they need....  by targeting our new Extended class - and inserting an OR clause for all the KB's.  Any missing KB's will be blank for the attribute property - so we use a "Does Not Equal" clause in this example:




Then right click the group - and show group members......


Now - we can add a new State view - and scope it to this new group:





Voila!  We have a view that will only show us Server 2008 machines - and which hotfix they are missing... because it will be blank in the list. 


The following pic - is missing a fake KB111111 I made up to test this:





If you desire more re-active methods.... you could write a script to alert you when a server was missing a hotfix... or even cooler - use a WMI performance Monitor to compare the queried value to what it should be... then you can have a state view and alerting based on these monitors.

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