MPViewer 1.7 released

MPViewer 1.7 - Now works with latest E12 MP

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  1. @jbri741 – I will add that write action to MPViewer. It uses, as you suspect, a list of well known WA's that generate alerts, and it didn't have this one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When importing the ForeFront TMG management pack, all rules have "Generate Alert = False" probably because they don't use the "Generate Alert" module but a proper module – <WriteAction ID="WA" TypeID="Microsoft.Forefront.TMG.Rule.AlertGenerate.WA"> instead of the "Generate Alert" module.

    I have no idea if this can be handled otherwise in mpviewer

  3. Kevin Holman says:

    @jbri741 –

    I doubt it.  It looks like they created a custom WA to generate alerts instead of using the generic one.  Not sure why, but MPViewer is a very standardized tool and can only "see" typical recognizable standard objects.

  4. Kevin Holman says:

    I am not aware of a good tool that does this – and this is a common request.  Some people use powershell to do this… but this requires the MP be imported.

    Silect Studio might have something here by now – they didnt over a year ago which was the last time I checked.

  5. Kldsts says:

    How can i get export Thresholds values ?

  6. Current versions of MPViewer can be found here, and has various fixes and improvements over Boris's original version that I "inherited"…/boris-s-tools-updated.aspx

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