Which servers are DOWN in my company, and which just have a heartbeat failure, RIGHT NOW?

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  1. Kevin Holman says:

    SQL 2008 R2 is not supported at this time for upgrading existing installations.

  2. daviesg says:

    Hi Kevin

    Trouble is by creating the monitor you mention you are actually duplicating work that OpsMgr is doing. It sort of highlights the lack of logic in some functionality.

    To me, it makes no sense that I have to do a ping script as a monitor when OpsMgr has a much more powerful solution – agent heartbeat with associated ping of servers on which the agent heartbeat has been missed. I just need to get that information into the console …. and the fact that OpsMgr can’t is a something of design flaw.  

    As I mentioned on the newsgroups, I don’t think the report is feasible for near real time info in a large environment.



  3. Kevin Holman says:

    You are correct – It looks like in this RDL file I named my data source "Ops" instead of "OpsDB".

    Simply open the RDL file – edit that, and import….. or simply go to your imported report – edit it – change the data source to your live data source that points to the opsDB.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here is a unique way to use web page views in the OpsMgr console. You can create a web page view in the

  5. Kevin Holman says:

    YES!  I do.  🙂

    In R2 – this is super easy – because we can subscribe to alerts rule by rule – monitor by monitor.

    In SP1 – it is doable – just a bit more difficult.  Please see my how to post at:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Nice report. Works well,and I learnt a thing or two about SRS along the way. I did have to refer to Marnix’s blog about importing rdl files, but then it all came together.

    Thx Kevin

    John Bradshaw


  7. Anonymous says:


    I have a different problem to the same topic. If a server goes down I do not receive any alerts. When I open Health Explorer with the above settings, I see only white bullets under Availability except Local Health Service Availability. Computer not Reachable, … are disabled in their sealed MP. What is wrong in our configuration and what do I have to change to get an alert when a server goes down?



  8. Anonymous says:


    I do not understand how to IMPORT the report in to the new Custom report folder.

    I notice that the reports on my reporting server are *.rpdl but this attachment is *.rdl.

    How do I get this report into the new folder?


    John Bradshaw

  9. daviesg says:

    Ahhh .. didn’t read that properly before I posted!! Meant the fact that agent health state couldn’t be incorporated into the computer state view is something of a flaw … realise there are the agent health state views as per my posting in the newsgroup 😉

  10. Kevin Holman says:

    One note to add – in OpsMgr you will get a distinct alert whenever an agent doest not respond to ping, in addition to the heartbeat failurre alert.  What we dont have – is a state view JUST for computers that are down…

    You could easily write a custom monitor that runs a ping script – and build your own state view for this in the console… and not need this report.  The benefit of the report is being able to schedule it and deliver via email or sharepoint.

  11. Kevin Holman says:

    Upgrade from SQL 2008 to SQL 2008 R2 is unsupported as of this writing.  

    It is on the roadmap, and will come with the release of the next CU.  This is a blog post on its own on my blog with details.

  12. Number2 says:

    Crud, is this still the case?  That you can't upgrade SQL 2008 to SQL 2008 R2 on a SCOM box?

    I'm getting the same error, failing on "No Custom Security Extensions" and "No Custom Authentication Extensions" during the "Upgrade Rules"  part of the upgrade.

    So what's the solution, to uninstall everything, reinstall SQL R2 & Reinstall/Reconfigure SCOM?  Or is an upgrade path on the horizon?

  13. StuartR says:

    With MOM 2005, we can accomplish this quite easily using the following approach:

    An SERVER DOWN alert can be generated in response to an internally-generated ping failure event created by a MOM Agent ping script which is part of a MOM Agent connectivity rule.

    This rule monitors for the internal failure event and will generate a "Service Unavailable" alert indicating that the Agent Computer is most likely down (or has lost network connectivity).

    Note that 12 ping attempts over a 90 second period along with an additional ping after 15 minutes must all have failed before this alert is generated.

  14. REN4 says:

    I tried to use this UDL file by following the steps as mentioned in this site. When i run the report getting this error "An error has occurred during report processing.

    Cannot create a connection to data source ‘ops’.

    For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors ".

    Please advise.


  15. mccreerJ says:

    Do you know of any way to setup subscriptions for only "ping failed" notifications?  Right now every time a server fails a heart beat and cannot be pinged we receive two text messages.  One for the heart beat failure and one for the Ping failure.

  16. reto says:

    Nice Blog, thank you Kevin

    I wanted to import your report (Servers_Down_Report.rdl) but that was written with Report Server 3.

    Now I'm updating SQL 2008 SP1 to R2 but the setup failed with two errors:

    – RS_NoCustomAuthExtensions (The Report Server has some custom authentication extensions configured)

    – RS_NoCustomSecurityExtensions (The Report Server has some custom security extensions configured)

    can you please help?



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