Grooming process in the Operations Database

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve run across a couple instances where it appeared that alerts were not being groomed from the Operations

  2. G.R.V says:

    Hello Kevin,

    When I run this query: select * from InternalJobHistory order by InternalJobHistoryId

    I find 0 under StatusCode instead of 1. I guess there is some problem in database grooming. There is no error in event logs. Help me fix this.

  3. xavi2 says:

    Hello Kevin,

       I want to check if My Operational datasets are groomed and I want to check the real days to keep and data. In other words, it is possible to know the oldest and newest recorded timestamps of each data type in the operational Database?

    thank you.

  4. Maekee says:

    Which database-permissions is needed to run this databasegrooming

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