Recording a web application browser session driving you crazy?

    Sometimes – getting this to work is frustrating.  The problems generally are caused by the security hardening of the OS hosting the console… not an issue with OpsMgr.  Here are some tips. This is seen especially on hardened versions of Vista and Server 2008.  Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configration, and UAC (User Account…


Cleaning up the Default MP

The Default management pack that ships with OpsMgr 2007 is used to store very specific information for the management group.  It is a widely known best practice to NOT write any custom rules, monitors, groups, views, or overrides to this MP.  Even customers who know this – and try to enforce this across their organizations…….


A cool way to use a web page view in the console – run a report!

Here is a unique way to use web page views in the OpsMgr console. You can create a web page view in the Ops Console for pretty much any HTML – whether local to your hard drive – or a real web page. When you run an SRS based report, you can drop this link…


Boosting OpsMgr performance – by reducing the OpsDB data retention

Here is a little tip I often advise my customers on….. The default data retention in OpsMgr is 7 days for most data types:     These are default settings which work well for a large cross section of different agent counts.  In MOM 2005 – we defaulted to 4 days.  Many customers, especially with…


How many consoles are connected to my RMS?

This discussion comes up quite a bit. There are a couple ways to track this data….  even to alert us if it breaches a threshold.   One way to look at the number of connected consoles, is to examine the number of users that are connected to the SDK service.  We can do this via…


Setting up a 2 node Server 2008 failover cluster under HyperV

For lab testing, we would often set up Microsoft Server 2003 2-node clusters, under virtual server 2005, in order to test OpsMgr configurations, such as clustered RMS, clustered databases, or just testing management packs on clustered applications like SQL and Exchange.  Virtual Server 2005 did this quite easily, using the built in SCSI adapter which…


Does your OpsDB keep growing? Is your localizedtext table using all the space?

This post is about an issue in OpsMgr SP1 AND R2 – where the localizedtext table in the database may fill and consume large amounts of space. OpsMgr 2007 no longer has a hard database limit of 30GB like MOM 2005 did.  For this reason, most OpsMgr administrators don’t watch this very closely anymore, or…


Creating granular alert notifications – rule by rule, monitor by monitor

  Using OpsMgr Notifications in the real world – Part 2 This is a continuation of my advanced notifications posts…. from     There are a couple resources on the web about how to do this from C# and Powershell.  The best sites I have seen are at: and These examples are…


Agent Pending Actions can get out of synch between the Console, and the database

When you look at your agent pending actions in the Administration pane of the console…. you will see pending actions for things like approving a manual agent install, agent installation in progress, approving agent updates, like from a hotfix, etc.   This pending action information is also contained in the SQL table in the OpsDB…


How to install IIS on Server 2008 to support OpsMgr Web Console and Reporting

The IIS role on Server 2008 is required for Web Console support, and SQL reporting.  Below are the steps to have a IIS configuration with all the options that are necessary:   On the server, run Server Manager   Click Roles, then Add Roles.  Click Next. On the Select Server Roles screen – select Web…


Installing the Web Console on a 2008 Management Server – using Windows Authentication

Below is a step by step on taking a Windows 2008 Management Server, and adding the Web Console…  with the requirement of using Windows authentication.  The easiest method is to use Forms Based auth for Web Console servers…. but using Windows Auth is possible if you can leverage constrained delegation (more on this later).  …


What hotfixes should I apply ?

This topic has moved here:  


Using OpsMgr to see which servers have not been logged on to via RDP

This came up in a discussion group…. and while it maybe not be all that interesting of a topic…. it is interesting to see the kinds of reports you can write with OpsMgr and look for unique scenarios.   The question was – "How can I run a report – and see all my servers…


Print Server MP updated – added support for Server 2008 to 6.0.6392.0

The updated Print Server MP has been released, update version is 6.0.6392.0 The monitors are loaded under the following classes: Print Server Windows 2008 Print Services Role The rules are loaded under the following classes: Microsoft Windows 2000 Print Servers Installation Microsoft Windows 2003 Print Servers Installation Windows 2008 Print Services Role Some initial…


Check out the new OpsMgr site –

Check it:   This is a new site dedicated to OpsMgr content.  Here you can find all kinds of downloadable tools, management packs, scripts, and articles…. that come from internal Microsoft resources, like MCS, PFE, PSS, MSIT, and the OpsMgr product teams.  I expect to see the content growing over time….   They already…


My experience installing a SCOM Management server on Windows Server 2008

Figured I might as well chronicle the process.   1.  First – starting off with a generic install of Server 2008 x64 Enterprise.  Since this is running on Hyper-V, I installed the Hyper-V additions to make it run correctly under the hyper-v host.  Gave it a static IP, joined my domain, enabled remote management so…


How to keep up with all the blog posts?

These days… it seems you cant really know and support a product well without keeping up on all the blogs surrounding it.  Finding and digesting this information, and staying up to date is daunting.  It is difficult to find time to go hit all your favorite blogs all the time.  I get questions all the…


Auditing on Alerts from the Data Warehouse

Do you want auditing information on how many alerts are being closed or modified by your OpsMgr users? You can use the following queries to get this information from the data warehouse, and I have attached some reports below as well: To get all raw alert data from the data warehouse to build reports from:…


The Exchange Server Configuration report doesn’t return any data

I figured out why – and instead of just posting about the workaround… I thought I’d take a moment and post on the process I used to determine the how and the why: When you run the “Exchange Configuration Report” per the guide, you are supposed to add objects of type “Exchange 2003 Role”.  Well,…