Switching Roles in your SharePoint Server 2016 by Using MinRoles

One of the recent changes in the deployment of SharePoint is the implementation of MinRoles that allow a server to be identified on a specific role within the farm. In the latest Feature Pack 1, there are options to convert server roles within a farm (Go to System Settings > Servers > Convert server role in this farm). On this page, you can change a current server’s MinRole from the current role to the following:

  • Application
  • Front-end
  • Distributed Cache
  • Search
  • Custom
  • Application with Search
  • Front-end with Distributed Cache

Each of these roles will configure the server to run the appropriate servers based on the MinRole assigned.Gone are the days of having a Front-end servers run all of the generic windows services on a server and the implementation of MinRole architecture properly utilizes the ability for these roles to efficiently manage server performance based on its workload. As a deployment strategy is put in place for migrating to SharePoint 2016, utilizing the MinRoles within your SharePoint farm will provide benefits for flexibility when you need to change roles of a server quickly and efficiently. One of the actions that will need will need to take place one the role is converted is that your farm will have to re-crawl search content or distributed cache, as examples, when the role is changed from a web front-end to a search server or to a distributed cache role the appropriate service will have to be performed again.


Bill Baer (November 8, 2016). Feature Pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2016 now available.

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