Create Custom Icons for Dynamics CRM Entities

One of the requests that I received during a CRM implementation was to change the out-of-the-box icons that are displayed in the top navigation in Dynamics. Here are the basic steps to replace these icons with your own creations.

  1. You need to open your image editor, I use Paint.Net to help me do what I want.
  2. The requirements are that you need to create a 32x32 pixel image that will be used for the purpose of replacing what is currently the default icon.
  3. I recommend creating three layers, the first being a transparent layer, in Paint.Net you can create a transparent layer by Ctrl-A (Select All) and then delete the layer’s content. You should see a checkerboard pattern for the transparency effect. The second layer is a solid color to see your work. The third layer is for the magic to take place of creating the icon design.
  4. Save the project for later use when you have completed your work, hide the second layer (solid color) then do a “Save As” to save the image as a .png. Rename the .png to an .ico.
  5. Now you are going to take your .ico file and assign it to an entity. There are two major steps.
    1. Create a Web Resource for the icon.
    2. Assign it to the entity.
  6. To create a web resource in CRM, go to the administration site then “Settings” > “Customizations” > “Customize the System”. A new window will pop up and then navigate to “Web Resources”. Click “New”, provide a unique name, then a display name, select “ICO Format” for Type and upload the .ico file. Once that is complete, click “Save” then “Publish”.
  7. Now your icon is ready to be assigned to the entity. Expand the “Entities” node, select the entity you’d like to change, click “Update Icons”. In this case, we created an icon for entity forms (32x32 pixels) so for the new icon, search for the icon by name, then select it. Click “OK”, then publish the customization.
  8. Go to CRM and refresh the page and navigate to your entity to see the changes.

That’s all it takes, if you want to change the web application icon, go through the same process but remember to create an icon that is 16x16 pixels.

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