Windows Server 2012 Post Launch Momentum in Malaysia

To enforce the post Launch momentum of Windows Server 2012 by Microsoft Malaysia, here are some headlines again:

On September 27, 2012, Microsoft Malaysia announced the general availability of Windows Server 2012, to members of the media.

Danny Ong, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, Microsoft Malaysia, delivered the welcome notes and painted a holistic picture of the current business landscape in Malaysia. He elaborated that a number of increasing concerns are pulling CIOs and IT Pros in multiple directions which have resulted in a shift of priorities, with particular focus placed on cloud computing solutions in order for companies to be agile, and deliver more with. He further explained that Microsoft is uniquely positioned to deliver the Cloud OS, with Windows Server at its core. 

Eric Liew, Product Marketing Manager, Core Infrastructure, Microsoft Malaysia, then took over to explain in detail how cloud deployments are more flexible with Windows Server 2012. He further elaborated how its core new features including policy, security, identity, mobility, storage and support are addressed directly with Microsoft’s end-to-end stack of cloud solutions.

A total of more than 10 medias representatives from more than 10 news/ business and technology publications were present.

With Windows Server 2012, companies in Malaysia can leverage hundreds of new features to transform their business by accelerating automation, efficiency, and overall responsiveness. Windows Server 2012 enables companies to leverage cloud computing and accelerate their growth curve. A survey of more than 60 early adopter customers around the world reveals an expected reduction in planned and unplanned downtimes, workload deployment time and also expected reduction in server administration labor. In terms of costs, economical and operational feasibility, there is also expected reduction in server hardware, utility and real estate costs.

The need for a Cloud OS is clear. Companies must be agile, responsive, and deliver more with less. Many companies especially IT departments want more efficiency, high availability and automation in their businesses. They want to spend less time on day-to-day management and more time innovating new business capabilities and solutions. Microsoft has many years of experience from building and operating public clouds to deliver a highly dynamic, available and cost-effective server platform for the private cloud. Windows Server 2012 meets these needs, providing the foundation of a modern datacenter to help companies of all sizes realize the benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud computing is driving a massive transformation in the information technology (IT) industry, giving customers the opportunity to move faster, innovate for their businesses with more focus, and to reduce costs. In this context, there is no doubt that Windows Server 2012 is the most significant jump in operating system capabilities since Microsoft first introduced Windows as a server operating system. With a Microsoft private cloud infrastructure, we can provide IT at a lower cost and provide IT capacity faster. In short, we can react faster, which helps the business react faster. Windows Server 2012 is the biggest change yet since Windows Server 2003 with regards to maturity, functionality and maintainability. Many people are very excited about it.

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