A Successful Windows Server 2012 Launch Event

We had a very successful Windows Server 2102 Launch Event just last Thursday, getting our customers and partners to be there and witness the greatest Server OS launch we have ever had! It was incredible to see the quantum of people and the sheer hunger to learn more of what this wave can bring for them. It was held at the luxurious Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A total of more than 1000 attendees attended the event, which comprised both customers and partners. out of over 600 companies which registered for the event. More than 10 IT/Business Media attended the Press interviews. More people are trying out Windows Server 2012 after this magnificent event!

There were 14 Partner Organizations which contributed to the event, including MNA, LAR, CPLS, MPN and MVPs. We had 8 Breakout sessions – On ‘Hybrid Cloud’ and ‘Infrastructure’, out of which both were filled with packed audiences. There are more than 500 Customers requesting follow-up visits/information on Windows Server 2012 after the event.

I spoke on the technical talk track on “Identity and Access Control in Windows Server 2012” which is namely the great good new features of Active Directory Service in this 2012 version of Microsoft Server platform. The detailed agenda of my delivery was on the new DCPROMO in true UI environment, Dynamic Access Control, AD Recyle Bin and Fine-grained password policy. There was also a topic on DCCloning  

Kudos go out to the Microsoft Malaysia's CEO and COO for doing the Welcome and Keynote addresses and injecting huge dollops of excitement into the event.

For those who missed the event and would love to try out the new Windows Server 2012, please goto http://technet.microsoft.com/en-US/evalcenter/hh670538.aspx?ocid=&wt.mc_id=TEC_108_1_33

To follow-up and learn more new capabilities and features of Windows Server 2012 in self-guided learning environment, please goto http://microsoftvirtualacademy.com

More news in details will be followed up in next coming blogs!













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    2102 or do you mean 2012 😉

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