First IT camp on Windows Server 2012 in Malaysia

We just conducted 2 IT camps conducted on 18 & 19 September on Windows Server 2012. IT Camp is a global event by Microsoft to help IT Pros to learn and experience new technologies from Microsoft. It is delivered via hands-on and instructor-led classes in technical learning environments. Common venues for IT camps are CPLS in the regions.

We featured the new capabilities shipped with Windows Server 2012 that make this server OS one of the most innovative server products that is truly cloud-ready and feasible to customers in terms of technical and operational.

Significant new features are implemented on its Virtualization capabilities such as Hyper-V over SMB, Hyper-V Replica, Shared nothing live migration and most of all, Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 scales very impressively in the Enterprise for all customers in heterogeneous environments. It’s not only the choice OS for datacenters, but also in cloud environments, such as public, private and hybrids.

In terms of its Active Directory, Windows Server 2012 now supports DC cloning, restoration of deleted objects in AD via Recycle Bin and Fine-grained password policy supports in simplified graphical user interfaces and last but not least, its RID improvements are truly amazing. Administrators can also opt for robust automations by leveraging PowerShell scriptings in scheduled executions.

To try out this amazing OS, go to:

To learn more about Windows Server 2012, go to

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