Predictions for application development software for 2013


Based in a Article published by IDC the following are the 10 most important predictions for application development software for 2013:

  • Enlightened coexistence between Web and native device application platforms will prevail; native deployed applications will remain dominant; Web platform (HTML5) technologies will make significant inroads.
  • Embedded platforms will begin to align with major consumer device application platforms in order to leverage developer skill ecosystems.
  • Device frameworks for integrated multiscreen or second-screen applications will evolve to support new usage scenarios that better exploit the convergence between personal tablet devices and shared big-screen TVs.
    Cloud IDEs will mature for a broader range of software development scenarios.
  • PaaS platforms will make inroads in the enterprise by offering private cloud options and stronger operational support capabilities; PaaS value extends beyond developers to engage IT operations in enterprises.
  • Multitenancy techniques in PaaS platforms will be the subject of experimentation as they are recognized as essential for providing efficiency and the required density to successful PaaS.
  • Developer clouds will evolve to offer a broader and richer set of developer services such as team collaboration, social interaction, project and code repositories, device and browser testing, and other services.
  • Schedule-based software release cycle management will become the dominant style of release cycle management, gradually displacing feature-oriented release cycle management approaches.
  • Mobile application platforms will show signs of diversification as Android exposes some weaknesses even as it dominates; new platforms will emerge and take hold if they have the right ingredients, focus, and execution.
  • Heterogeneous parallel processing will become more common as general-purpose (GP) applications take advantage of the parallel computation abilities offered by device GPUs.




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