WinRT on Windows8

Windows 8 is simply fantastic it has been redesigned from the chipset and is a wonderful evolution from Windows 7 which, by the way, is already awesome.

A very important part of the new Windows 8 is the new API equivalent to Win32 called WinRT (Windows Runtime) API which is the foundation for the development of METRO style applications that make the development experience very smooth and fast for developers.

In this post I will write some interesting facts for me at the time I get immerse in the new Windows Store Style interface and applications development.


 This is how the layers are stacked from the lower level (Kernel -Windows Core) to the higer level User Interface, see that WinRT is out new API to communicate between our chosen development language with the Windows Kernel routines


Some of the namespaces you will work with provided by WinRT are: 

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