Callisto is a library for use in Windows 8 XAML applications (Metro style apps).  The XAML framework in Windows.UI.Xaml is great, but has some functionality that isn't provided in-the-box in a few controls and APIs.  Callisto serves to provided added functionality on top of the XAML UI framework for Windows.

What's In It?

So far Callisto includes:

Flyout - a primitive that includes positioning and 'light dismiss' logic
Menu - primarily to be used from AppBar, contains the base for providing, well, a Menu
MenuItem - an item for a menu, including separators and contains the command point for the menu item
SettingsFlyout - an item to create a custom settings pane UI
LiveTile - an in-app tile experience to give you animated or 'live' tiles
Tilt - an effect to provide the tilt experience when clicked on edges/corners
OAuth helpers - a set of helpers to create OAuth 1.0 signatures/headers for those sites that hate OAuth 2.0 Metro
BooleanToVisibilityConverter - a converter to well, convert boolean to visibility, very common use
LengthToBooleanConverter - a converter to examine a string length to convert to boolean (simple validation helper)
RelativeTimeConverter - a converter to show time as relative string, i.e., 'about an hour ago'
Extensions - some extension method helpers

So if you need some of this functionalities check it out on

Download it from here


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