ScheduledTask Adapter v3.0 Installation

Once, I asked myself why there are so many people writing the same stuff over again on blogs and personals sites. Recently I coped with an issue that took me 2 hours (not in a row ) searching the web.

There are many examples when installation/troubleshooting documentation is not totally written when some software is released or updated from previous versions, this became a problem faced by many IT professionals and developers than need to spend an extra time searching on knowledge bases looking for a way to solve problems they encounter when adopting new features or software. Here is my very simple case when trying to make BizTalk ScheduledTask Adapter work which is not fully documented. So I´m writing it over again.

Errors on EventViewer:


The Solution is to install Biztalk.Adapter.ScheduledTaskProperties.dll library (located in the installation folder) into the GAC (using GACUTIL)



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