I´m a Christian guy and a Support Field Engineer at Microsoft, and I will use this blog as a personal notebook. I will write in English and Spanish sometimes because I assume that nowadays everybody speak or at least read English, Spanish and a third language like Chinese.

My specialty

I used to write some post at http://kennymaita.blogspot.com/ but at the end TechNet is the community to share and learn IT Stuff  =)


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  1. Kenny Abdiel says:

    Hello Bro, well office troubleshooting is not my line. I´m and IIS and Biztalk guy..what I can do is point you to sources where you could find, read and ask for that and many other questions you may have:

    Full onenote help


    OneNote MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals)


    here go to each one and look for their technical blogs and post you question.

    These guys wrote OneNote literally =)

    Chris Pratley:

    David Rasmussen:

    Daniel Escapa:

    OneNote and Education:

    John Guin:

    Michael Oldenburg:

    Olya Veselova:

  2. Anonymous says:

    I too follow the Master, however, he is no much into this techno issue at this time, would you suggest how I may empty my OneNote Trash , here in Arizona, as if it makes dif as to my location, and PTLourG, Anyway, right. Bless you brother.

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