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Note that this lab requires a valid Windows Azure Subscription - You can sign up for a FREE trial from the Windows Azure Free Preview page.

To sign up for your Windows Azure Free Preview subscription, first select the closest location from the list below:

After you have signed up for your free trial account, click the try it now button on the preview features page in the Windows Azure management portal.


In this lab you will walk through the steps of provisioning a new virtual machine and enabling Windows Remote Management.

Creating a New Virtual Machine

In this task you will use the Quick Create VM creation option to provision a virtual machine to be customized.

  1. Log in to the Windows Azure Management Portal using your Microsoft Account.
  2. Click the +New button, then select Virtual Machine | From Gallery
  3. Creating a Virtual Machine from Gallery 
    In the VM OS Selection page, click Platform Images and select Windows Server 2012
  4. Virtual Machine OS Selection
    In the Virtual Machine Configuration page, specify a unique description name for the VM Name and set both password boxes to a password of your choosing. Leave the VM Size with Small value. 
  5. Virtual Machine Configuration Page
    In the VM Mode page, select Standalone Virtual Machine and set the DNS Name to a unique DNS name that you will use for connecting to this new virtual machine. Leave the remaining fields with their default values. 
  6. Virtual Machine Mode page
    Finally, leave the VM Options page with the default values and finish the VM wizard. 
  7. Wait until your Virtual Machine is created, you can check its status in the Virtual Machines page within Windows Azure Management portal. Then, click your Virtual Machine name to open the Dashboard
  8. Virtual Machine Created
    In the bottom menu, click Connect to download an .rdp file to connect to the VM using Remote Desktop Connection. 
  9. Connecting to the Virtual Machine
    Note: When asked for Login, specify the Administrator user account with the same password credentials you supplied in step 4 above.

You now have a new virtual machine that you can use for studying Windows Server 2012 in a lab environment!

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