Best of TechEd 2013 – MCTDayZero – Leveraging Windows Azure Infrastructure Services as an MCT

Ah, times ... they are a-changing ... with a rapid move towards embracing hybrid cloud IT scenarios ... that is, IT scenarios that leverage the best of both worlds: the predictability of an on-premises datacenter infrastructure with the cost-effective pay-as-you-go on-demand capacity of a cloud infrastructure platform, such as Windows Azure Infrastructure Services.

Today at MCTDayZero in New Orleans,  I had the pleasure of presenting to a group of experienced MCTs ( Microsoft Certified Trainers ) on Leveraging "Cloud" as an MCT. In this article, I've provided a copy of my deck and additional links to resources to help you get started with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services.

Leveraging "Cloud" as an MCT

Download a copy of this deck for offline viewing.

Get Started with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services as an MCT

Below is a list of links and resources that you can leverage to get started with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services ...

Get Access to Windows Azure!

  • Are you a staff MCT? Access Windows Azure via MSDN Benefits available via your MPN Learning Partner competency.
  • Are you an independent MCT? Consider enrolling as a Cloud Partner to access Windows Azure benefits ... and MORE!
  • Do neither of the above apply? Access Windows Azure via the Free Trial Subscription program!

Learn more about Windows Azure!

Integrate Discussions on Windows Azure into Your Classes!

  • Encourage students to sign-up for Windows Azure Free Trial Subscriptions for an on-demand lab environment in which they can continue practicing what they've learned post-class
  • Leverage the Cloud Lab content to demonstrate or add hands-on lab exercises that include Hybrid Cloud scenarios to enrich your existing classes.

Send us your feedback!

Do you have suggestions for other hybrid cloud scenarios? Feel free to send them to and we'll evaluate developing additional step-by-step Cloud Lab guides to support.

See you in the Clouds!

- Keith

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