FREE MCSE Private Cloud Exam Study Guide for Exam 70-246

UPDATE: New Resources Included for System Center 2012 SP1

This month, I spent a fair amount of time preparing for the new Microsoft Private Cloud Certification Exam 70-246, Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud with System Center 2012 and I saved links to all the study resources that I used to study and pass this exam as a step-by-step Exam Study Guide for anyone else who may be interested in targeting this exam.

Exam 70-246 is the final exam needed to complete the MCSE Private Cloud certification track.  The complete requirements for the MCSE Private Cloud track include:

  • Achieve MCSA:Windows Server 2008 or MCSA:Windows Server 2012
    • If you were previously certified as an MCITP on Windows Server 2008, you may be closer than you realize to achieving this certification requirement!  MCITP’s were grandfathered into the MCSA program automatically when the new MCSA program was introduced earlier this year.  Check your MCP Transcript at to confirm.
  • Successfully pass Exam 70-247 - Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud with System Center 2012
  • Successfully pass Exam 70-246 - That’s the exam targeted by this study guide!

About This Exam Study Guide

This exam guide presents the target exam objectives within each of the above objective domains in a checklist format to provide an easy method for exam candidates to quickly self-assess their general exam preparedness and also provide specific study resources to help candidates address knowledge gap areas prior to attempting this exam. Note that this study guide is not intended as a replacement for formal training, but rather intended as a post-training resource to help you identify how you can best prepare for certification.

Get this Exam Study Guide for FREE ...

I'm making this Exam Study Guide available as a free resource ... just follow the steps below to get it sent to you!

  1. Download the Private Cloud + Windows Server 2012 Evaluation Kit ( You'll need this to build your Study Lab )
  2. Shortly after downloading your Evaluation Kit, you'll receive an email titled "Microsoft Private Cloud: Get Started!"
  3. Forward the email received in Step 2 above to  You'll receive an email in response with your Exam Study Guide Attached!

Is this Exam Study Guide Useful to You?

These are the same study resources that I personally used when preparing for Exam 70-246 myself, so I’ve already taken time to proof and review each and every resource.  Of course, you may have your own suggestions for improvements – feel free to post your comments below.  I’d love to hear your feedback!

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  1. KeithMayer says:

    Hi Muhammad,

    If you don't use Twitter or Facebook, please feel free to email me via the link above (…/contact.aspx) and I'll be happy to send you a direct download link.

    Best regards,


  2. KeithMayer says:

    Hi Saleem,

    Nowadays, I'd suggest doing 70-246 first and then 70-247 afterwards.  The exams in the post above were listed in the reverse order, because prior to Jan 31st exam 70-659 counted as an alternative to 70-247 and many IT Pros had already passed that exam.

    Hope this helps!


  3. Aly Ghoneim says:

    Great post! Many thanks.

  4. KeithMayer says:

    Congratulations Naum!

  5. KeithMayer says:

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Great to hear!  I'll be preparing study guides for the Windows Server 2012 MCSA exams over the next 3 months (1 per month), so please check back for those exam study guides as well!

    Best regards,


  6. KeithMayer says:

    Hi Jason,

    Exams costs vary worldwide – but you can always get the latest costs for Microsoft exams at the Prometric site at

    Hope this helps!


  7. KeithMayer says:

    Hi Payal,

    I don't have a study guide for exam 70-247 yet.  I'm in the process of building it this month and will release it on my blog as soon as it's available.  Be sure to connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook or subscribe to my blog so that you'll be notified when it's ready!

    Best regards,


  8. Ilya says:

    Keith, well dome. I shall try to study it.

  9. dheeraj says:

    Hi sir,

               I have to take first part in MCSE. so, ll this also includes in it

  10. Muhammad Baker says:

    I would really like that study guide.

  11. Payal says:

    Keith can you please give me link for your study guide for 70-247 exam

  12. Naum says:

    Mainly Technet and lots of hours spend on lab testing helped me to pass 70-246. For sure now i am proud of being MCSE Private Cloud

  13. Hi,

    Do you say that we should sit 247 before 246? I am sorry if I got you wrong.


  14. Jason says:

    hello keith

    please whats the cost of the exam

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