FREE Hands-on Training: Build Virtual Machines in the Cloud with Windows Azure

With Windows Azure, you can easily deploy and run Windows Server and Linux virtual machines on your own virtual network in the cloud. These capabilities can be really useful for several scenarios, such as: building virtual lab environments, piloting new software in the cloud, deploying hybrid IT applications that connect on-premises datacenter workloads with cloud-based VM’s … and MORE! 

With the FREE online training below, you’ll learn how to leverage these capabilities for your network environment with step-by-step hands-on guidance …

Build Virtual Machines in the Cloud with Windows Azure

In this session, you’ll learn the steps for building Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks in the cloud and have an opportunity to work through these hands-on steps yourself! 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to sign-up for Windows Azure using the Free Trial link below to participate in the hands-on portion of this training!  For best experience to see and participate in the hands-on exercises, we recommend that you use a dual monitor configuration.

  • Sign-up for your Windows Azure FREE Trial:

Sign-up for a FREE 90-day trial of Windows Azure so that you can participate in the hands-on portion of this training.  Note that during the Free Trial sign-up process, you will be asked for credit card information to confirm that you are a legitimate free trial subscriber.  Your credit card information is only used to confirm your identity and you will NOT be charged for any Windows Azure services unless you explicitly convert your trial subscription to a paid subscription at a later date.

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Sponsored by: Association for IT Professionals - AITP Akron Canton Chapter

Next steps …

After you've completed this online training session, gain more hands-on experience with Windows Azure by completing these step-by-step lab guides:

Hope you enjoy!  Feel free to leave feedback in the comments below if you've found value in this training content.


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  1. KeithMayer says:

    Hi Guido,

    Unfortunately, credit card information is required for signing up for the Azure trial offer to identify each individual.

    Best regards,


  2. Keith, is it possible to day the Azure trail if you don't have a credit card like I do?

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