Congratulations to our Windows Server 2012 "Early Expert" Apprentices! #winserv #hyperv

The Windows Server 2012 "Early Experts" Challenge free online study group has received a ton of interest and positive feedback.  Over the coming weeks, we'll be targeting study and hands-on resources together for preparing for Microsoft Certification Exam 70-410, Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 - the first exam that applies toward the MCSA on Windows Server 2012 credential.

Since we've released the "Early Experts" Challenge four weeks ago, we've had hundreds of IT Pros enroll in the study group, and we have quite a gathering of individuals that have already completed the very first Knowledge Quest as "Early Expert" Apprentices.  We'll be starting the next Knowledge Quest, the "Installer" Quest, next week to target the exam objective domain for "Install and Configure Servers", which makes up 17% of the exam. I'll be posting an update next week as soon as the Installer Quest is ready.

If you haven't completed the Apprentice Quest yet, don't fear! You still have time to join us and complete it at You can then catch up to everyone else in the Installer Quest when you have time.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Windows Server 2012 "Early Expert" Apprentices!

The following individuals have completed the study requirements associated with the "Early Expert" Apprentice Quest over the past four weeks and have received their Apprentice certificates of completion.  Kudos!

  • Mike Huhtamella
  • Shankar Narayanan
  • Nick Pickering
  • Michael Bazarewsky
  • Jeno Koloszar
  • João Paulo Legat
  • Shyam Singh
  • William Noble-Hodge
  • Chua Tianxiang
  • Bryan Dady
  • John C. Johnson
  • Saadallah Chebaro
  • Kenneth R. Stephenson
  • Nick Dorak
  • Paul Hansford
  • Eldert Kops
  • Tejas Kshirsagar
  • Terry Fisher
  • William Barrows
  • Nigel Rowe
  • Damitha Anuradha
  • Stefan Wehrli
  • Bevan Yates
  • Miroslaw Szega
  • Curtis Vermeulen
  • Mitch Skrove
  • Richard Gallo
  • Stephen Brinkworth
  • Steve Young
  • Alfonso Cabrera
  • Tomica Kaniski
  • Matt Lydy
  • Nilesh Patil
  • Vincent Mac
  • Kyle Dixon
  • Péter Sallai
  • Alex Kummer
  • Devanshu Prasad
  • Estevan Gonzalez
  • Phil C Tapp
  • Jonathan Boyko
  • Leo Michielsen
  • Jaison Frank
  • Raphael Jean
  • Eric Alvarado
  • Peter Pascente
  • Thomas Ettorre IV
  • Alo Peets
  • Jorge Fernandez de Cordova
  • Chris Clark
  • Stephen Hall
  • Maikel Uerlings
  • Paul Nix
  • Vojkan Gavrilovic
  • Slimane Bensadek
  • Ash Lewis
  • João Tavares
  • Lai Yoong Seng
  • David Scambler
  • Rohit Goel
  • Hardik Shah
  • David Torres
  • Ifiok Moses
  • Flemming Bindzus
  • Bryan Campbell
  • Steve Baria
  • Laban Milyard
  • Andrew Dunning
  • Marcus Beagley
  • Charbel Nemnom
  • Dipan Patel
  • Arjan Mensch

I look forward to continuing our studies and exam preparation together next week in the "Early Experts" Installer Quest.  Watch this space for an update when the Installer Quest is available.

Best regards,



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