FREE Technical eBook for IT Pros on Windows Server 2012 and Private Cloud

This week, Mitch Tulloch and the Windows Server team have released a new updated version of the FREE e-Book for IT professionals: Introducing Windows Server 2012 RTM Edition. This book is a great way to get quickly skilled up on all the new improvements in this latest Windows Server - one of the most ambitious releases of Windows Server for IT Pros since Active Directory was released in Windows Server 2000!  In this 256-page eBook, you'll find 5 chapters of detailed technical content covering the following key improvements to building a Private Cloud at your shop with Windows Server 2012:

Inside This eBook ...

  • Building a foundation for Private Cloud
    Understand the latest improvements that takes Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V beyond basic virtualization: Increased VM scalability, Hyper-V extensible network switch, Network Virtualization, Improved Live Migration, Enhanced Quality of Service (QoS), Resource Metering and Hyper-V Replica.
  • Designing a highly available, easy-to-manage multi-server platform
    Includes Failover Clustering Enhancements, SMB Transparent Failover, Live Storage Migration, NIC Teaming, Chkdsk improvements, DHCP Server Failover, Storage Spaces, Thin Provisioning, Server for NFS datastores, new multi-server Server  Manager, PowerShell 3.0 and Active Directory enhancements.
  • Deploying web applications on-premise and in the cloud
    Includes improvements to scale, manage and deliver open Web Applications, such as: NUMA-aware scalability, Centralized SSL certificate support, IIS CPU Throttling, Dynamic IP Address Restrictions, FTP Logon Attempt Restrictions, WebSocket and HTML5 Support.
  • Enabling modern anywhere, any-device workstyles
    Unified Remote Access, Simplified VDI deployment, User-Device Affinity, Enhanced BranchCache, Branch Office Direct Printing, Remote FX enhancements, Enhanced USB redirection, User Profile Disks, Dynamic Access Control, BitLocker enhancements and DNSSEC support.

Get this 256-Page eBook for FREE ...

We're making this 256-Page eBook available as a free resource ... just follow the steps below to get it sent to you!

  1. Download the Private Cloud + Windows Server 2012 Evaluation Kit ( You'll need this to compliment the eBook as you evaluate Windows Server 2012 )
  2. Shortly after downloading your Evaluation Kit, you'll receive an email titled "Microsoft Private Cloud: Get Started!"
  3. Forward the email received in Step 2 above to  You'll receive an email in response with your eBook!

Start Your Journey!

Once you start exploring this FREE eBook, you'll need these additional resources and tools on your journey in learning Windows Server 2012 and preparing for Microsoft MCSA certification on Server 2012.

  • Join the Windows Server 2012 "Early Experts" Challenge - a free online peer study group
  • Build Your Private Cloud in a Month using Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1

Is this useful?

Feel free to post comments below to let us know if these resources are useful to you …if so, we'll work to provide more in the future as well!


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  1. kishhr says:

    Can't resist to rate this, it's very much important to have more ebooks on latest stuffs to have latest knowledge

  2. kishhr says:

    can't resist to see stuffs on windows server 2012,most and much awaited one

  3. KeithMayer says:

    Hi Hermit,

    Thanks for your feedback!  The current eBook is available only in PDF, but I'll provide your feedback on .mobi format to the team for consideration with future eBooks.

    Best regards,


  4. KeithMayer says:

    Hi Rob,

    If you'd prefer not to Tweet it out, that's certainly fine!  Feel free to email me directly using the link I've provided above (…/contact.aspx) and I'll be happy to send you the direct link for the eBook download.

    Thanks so much!


  5. KurtGP says:

    Thx for the FREE e-book, and great presentation yesterday at DITUG (Detroit IT User Group).

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can we please have .mobi format as well ? its handy to have these books in kindle

  7. Doug Johnson says:

    Microsoft creates good docs.

  8. Mike Giron says:

    Server 2012 is awsome!

  9. Josh says:

    You can also get epub and mobi formats from

  10. Rob says:

    Keith, thanks for the notice but really "Pay with a Tweet"?  Is there some Microsoft internal metric stating you need to generate so many tweets?  

  11. Andrew Hopkins says:

    Looking forward to attending the Windows Server 2012 First Look series with Danpa!!!

    Thanks for your efforts!

  12. Velnias says:

    For you Mobi guys, you can also grab it here at Amazon….…/ref=docs-os-doi_0

  13. Ed says:

    @Velnias & @ifiok moses – Those are the edition based on the beta. Keith is writing about the RTM release. While probably not completely different….

  14. Mitch Tulloch says:

    There should be free MOBI and EPUB versions of my RTM ebook available very soon đŸ™‚

  15. Mitch Tulloch says:

    …and will post a link here when they are available!

  16. Tutang MM MVP says:

    I want to immediately download and read. Fabulous, success and thank you

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