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This week, we've released a new Second Edition of our FREE eBook for Developers interested in Programming Windows 8 Apps.  With the recent RTM of Windows 8 and the launch of the Windows 8 App Store, there's never been more opportunity than right now for Windows developers to launch the next killer app!  In this new eBook, Kraig Brockschmidt, Senior Program Manager on the Windows team, takes us soup-to-nuts through the development of Windows 8 Apps using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.  In this 537-page eBook, you'll find 12 chapters of detailed technical content covering the following important topics:

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1:   The Life Story of a WinRT App / Platform Characteristics of Windows 8
  • Chapter 2:   Quickstart - Let's create some Apps!
  • Chapter 3:   App Anatomy and Page Navigation
  • Chapter 4:   Controls, Control Styling and Data Binding
  • Chapter 5:   Collections and Collection Controls
  • Chapter 6:   Layout
  • Chapter 7:   Commanding UI
  • Chapter 8:   State, Settings, Files and Documents
  • Chapter 9:   Input and Sensors
  • Chapter 10: Media
  • Chapter 11: Purposeful Animations
  • Chapter 12: Contracts

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