itCon – Managing IT in an Age of Consumerization & BYOD – AITP Region 18

I presented at a great conference today on mobility organized by AITP Region 18 and had the opportunity to speak with lots of interesting IT Professionals.  Below is a copy of my session deck on "Managing IT in an Age of Consumerization & BYOD".  My presentation was a compilation of the experiences, approaches and best practices that I've seen work well for Enterprise organizations in being able to provide consumerized flexibility to users while still maintaining an effective management and security posture for business environments.

Additional Resources

To help you with next steps in continued learning on the topic of IT Consumerization, I'd also recommend that you check out the following additional resource links:




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  1. Pete Laker says:

    Nice graphics, thanks

    Even though I didn't attend, I get the flow, and enjoyed studying them

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