See and Do – Learn Windows PowerShell 3.0 Remoting to Manage Windows Server 2012 with this FREE lab guide #posh #ws2012

PowerShell remoting is a really cool feature that permits PowerShell to remotely connect to other machines over the network for the purposes of explicitly running PowerShell cmdlets, scripts and scriptblocks as well as implicitly executing cmdlets remotely via imported modules.  It offers the ability to script and automate common activities as well as complex workflows across your private cloud.  In PowerShell 3.0 in Windows Server 2012, PowerShell remoting is even easier and more powerful! At Tech Ed 2012, Don Jones delivered a great technical session that covers enabling, using and troubleshooting PowerShell remoting.  I've packaged the recorded video from this session below along with a FREE lab guide so that you can step through PowerShell remoting in your own shop and begin using it!


  • See: Watch the video below for a technical overview of PowerShell 3.0 remoting capabilities
  • Do: Download the FREE lab guide using the button below the video to begin exploring PowerShell 3.0 Remoting in your own Windows Server 2012 lab! 

FREE PowerShell Remoting Lab Guide!

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