Cool new #Windows8 hybrid tablet/ultrabook announced by ASUS at Computex 2012 uses 3rd Gen Intel Core chips

I know there's been a ton of interest on learning more about the types of innovative forthcoming tablet/ultrabook design form factors that Microsoft OEMs will be producing for Windows 8.  At Computex 2012 in Tapai, ASUS turned heads with their announcement of their new ASUS TaiChi design.  Dual high-res HD displays to support notebook and tablet use cases offer interesting capabilities - such as being able to mirror your notebook display during presentations - in a form factor that is consumer-friendly, but with function and performance that allows real work to be done during the business day as well!

See more details in the ASUS video announcement below:

For more details on the other "Day Zero" Ultrabook announcements at Computex, be sure to check the following link location:

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