Windows Azure Media Services Announced

LAS VEGAS — April 16, 2012 — At the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2012 conference today, Microsoft Corp. announced new media services and guidance to enable content providers and customers to realize the power of cloud computing. The new cloud-based Windows Azure Media Services is designed to make creating, managing and delivering media to…


Expression Encoder 4 SP2 – now available for download

Expression Encoder is an advanced audio/video-encoding and live-broadcasting application especially suited for generating content that takes full advantage of the rich graphic and interactive capability of Microsoft Silverlight playback scenarios. You can also generate Windows Media video and audio files that are optimized for other web playback scenarios, or appropriate for playback on portable devices….


Ready, Set, TiVo TiVo TiVo TiVo

Quad tuners, 2TB of disk space for 180 hours of HD recording? You had me at quad. See  I’d love Window 8 in a box, but this might be in Santa’s sleigh this year.


Plains Milky Way by Randy Halverson

Be sure to click Plains Milky Way or the picture above for Randy Halverson’s amazing video work.  You won’t be sorry.  When you start playing the video at his site, be sure to go full screen with the HD video.  Very kewl.


Discussing Security with Microsoft CSIO Bret Arsenault

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Bret Arsenault.  Bret is the Chief Information Security Officer for Microsoft and has been with the company many years.  In fact, if you look closely behind him, you’ll see the huge twenty year crystal behind him.  It’s the one on the…


Get the latest on the Waledac Botnet Takedown

In this video I interview Richard Boscovich, Senior Attorney and T.J. Campana, Senior Program Manager both from Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit. Richard and T.J. discuss Microsoft’s legal and technical involvement in the Waledac botnet takedown.  This is a fascinating story.  See the details at


Security Intelligence Report (SIR) v9 Video Series – Part 1 with Tim Rains and Botnets

In this interview I sat down with Tim Rains, Group Product Manager from the Trustworthy Computing Group. Tim discusses the Security Intelligence Report and its relevance to the IT Professional. He also describes Botnets – what they are, how computers get infected and how to protect yourself and your organization. There are roughly ten parts…


Windows Phone 7 Update – an Interview with Andrew Brown

Windows Phone 7 launched in Europe last month and is launching in North America next week.  You’ve seen the commercials.  You’ve seen the demos.  But have you heard much about the update infrastructure we’ve put in place for the devices? Probably not.  It’s isn’t as sexy as the glorious AMOLED screens some of these devices…