The Largest JPG I’ve Encountered

It occurs to me that “The Security Realm – A Microsoft Map of the Known World” picture at is quite possibly the largest pic I’ve downloaded.  The detail is impressive and fun.  The picture original size is a massive 13500 x 10800 and the filesize is a whooping 81 MB.  Pretty kewl.  


Mail Protection Reports for Office 365 – download now available

This reporting workbook provides you with a detailed view into the email protection data that is available in the Office 365 Reporting dashboard. This workbook is available to all Exchange Online and Exchange Online Protection customers. The workbook provides summary graphs for a number of different types of email message filtering. This includes messages identified…


Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL Server – now available for download

Kerberos authentication provides a highly secure method to authenticate client and server entities (security principals) on a network. To use Kerberos authentication with SQL Server, a Service Principal Name (SPN) must be registered with Active Directory, which plays the role of the Key Distribution Center in a Windows domain. In addition, many customers also enable…


Active Directory (AD) Security Best Practices Guide – download now available

This document provides a practitioner’s perspective and contains a set of practical techniques to help IT executives protect an enterprise Active Directory® environment. Active Directory plays a critical role in the IT infrastructure, and ensures the harmony and security of different network resources in a global, interconnected environment. The methods discussed are based largely on…


The Kerberos Survival Guide

Since many other operating system vendors are also adopting this MIT-developed authentication protocol, Kerberos Version 5 will increasingly become a centerpiece of enterprise-level interoperability. Kerberos provides secure user authentication with an industry standard that permits interoperability. The Active Directory domain controller maintains user account and log-in information to support the Kerberos service. Want to learn…


Cybersecurity 2020 – Student Essay Contest for a chance to win $5000

Microsoft is looking for great student research on the future of cybersecurity policy. If you have conducted or plan to conduct such research, read on for information on how you can win a $5,000 cash prize for your research in our Cybersecurity 2020 essay contest.  Get the full details at See the official rules…


Identity, Activation and Data Access with a User-Based Office

Here’s the latest from the Office IT Pro Blog.  In this episode hosts Jeremy Chapman and Yoni Kirsh answer your questions about a user-based Office service, how identity and services are provisioned, where data and passwords are stored and what the user experiences look like. They also catch up with cybersecurity expert and author, Mark…


Evaluating Virtual Smart Cards Guide – now available for download

The goal of this document is to present an overview of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) virtual smart cards (VSCs) as an option for strong authentication. It is intended not only to provide the means for evaluating VSC use in an enterprise deployment, but also to provide the information necessary to deploy and manage. Go get…


Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) 2013 Registration Now Open

The Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) brings together the brightest IT professionals from around the world to increase their technical expertise through deep hands-on training, best-practice sharing, and interaction with innovators in desktop, device, and datacenter management, as well as cloud technologies. When we say deep, we mean it – with session content delving into the…


Windows Azure Active Directory Processes 200 Billion Authentications

At Microsoft, we have been on a transformative journey to cloud computing and we have been working with customers every step of the way. Millions of customers have embraced the cloud and we are excited to share the news that we’ve reached a major milestone in cloud scale computing.  Since the inception of the authentication…