Multiple Monitors (Multimon) with the Lenovo ThinkPad T430s

Lenovo continues to make perplexing choices with some of their machines.  One such choice is the change to how Optimus operates on the ThinkPad T430s notebook computer.  The T430s Optimus implementation with the Ivy Bridge chipset is very different from the implementation in the ThinkPad T420s. Lets review some of the evolution of Optimus.  Way…

Salt flats anyone?

Hold on to your butts.  See for a bonafied record holder.

Diamond Planet Discovered – Space Race On

I can see it now.  Suddenly NASA gets new funding to send probes to the recently discovered diamond planet called “55 Cancri e”.  Here’s an excerpt from the story in Yale News: “New research led by Yale University scientists suggests that a rocky planet twice Earth’s size orbiting a nearby star is a diamond planet….

Windows 8 Device Announcements Begin – Lenovo out of the gate early

Lenovo announced several devices including the S230 pictured above.  See the full press release with information and prices at  Now things will start to get interesting.

Just In Case You Need to Hit the Ditch

Electric motorcycles are starting to get my interest now.  See