Has Scobleizer lost his blog power?

There’s an interesting read at http://scobleizer.wordpress.com/2006/08/30/have-i-lost-my-blog-power/.  No mention of Windows Vista hitting the RC1 milestone on his blog today.  Hmmmmm…  Coincidence?  You decide.  Must be a holiday weekend.


Doom3 As a Video Card Benchmark

Ever since Doom3 made it to the store shelves, I’ve used it as a test platform.  The opening sequence gives you some idea of how well the operating system, video driver, and video card handle a rather resource intensive game.  I also test with Half Life 2.  I tested the HP nc8000 when we got…


Soccer is boring

But lets face it, the Ferarri F430 isn’t.  Therefore, I am going to side with Italy for the big game.  Sorry France but I have to pick someone and they make the Ferrari.  Oh, and I am totally kidding about football boredom.  How would you like to be one of those security guys with the…

What would you put on your business card if you could?

Hugh has some really funny cartoons and business cards.  If you’ve looked at his blog, you’ll notice he’s got more talent than most companies.  What would you ask him to draw for your card?  Or better yet, what would people tell him to draw for you?  Now that might be fun.  For the record, I…